Facebook is the King

Facebook is the King

Facebook is the King

Facebook is the most used social media platform in Puerto Rico, according to StatCounter Global Stats. over 50% of the Island’s population has a Facebook account. According to NapoleonCat.com, 65.3% of Puerto Ricans are on Facebook as of February 2022. This makes this social media platform a prime digital spot to have your business in.

So, if you are thinking of bringing your business to the digital world, it’s a no-brainer, Facebook should be it.

In recent years Facebook has changed adding new business tools that are very helpful to small and medium businesses, like Business Suite, Ads Manager, and the ability to interact with your audience. I would consider Facebook a most have in your digital marketing toolbox if you are trying to start, grow or introduce your business in Puerto Rico, and frankly, any other state or country, as it is as big or bigger elsewhere.

A lot of details are needed to be considered when choosing Facebook for your business, it is high maintenance. You have to be on top of Facebook all the time, especially if you want to engage with all your followers all the time. But even if you don’t, you have to be aware of the many changes in the algorithm, the changes in tools, sections, community policies, best times to post, best types of post, stats, among many other things that do influence the way followers receive your content and how much your page grows.

All social media platforms are there so you can increase your sales, yes, however, constant selling will only get you many people to unfollow your page. Instead, you need to focus on presenting your brand, service, or product. Make your current followers trust you, build brand trust. After that, you grow your audience and page, the sales will come by themselves.

If you focus on growing your brand, any social media platform, but especially Facebook will eventually give you the results you need and expect. But if you only choose one platform, that platform should be Facebook.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share

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